Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saturday, 2010-10-16; Departing Dubrovnik

Another day of rain.  I looked into my upcoming plans: Kotor, Trebinje, Mostar. It is going to be a tricky ride before I get back to Zagreb mainly because I intend to spend little time in each place and they won't be touristy (being touristy, admittedly, helps for getting around). I realized I was running low on laundry and decided to just wash pretty much everything for the 50 kuna ($10).


I walked around Old Town and visited some of the churches before heading to Fort Lovrijenac. I visited another church on the way back and then stopped at the hostel. After collecting my laundry, eating more cereal, and wasting more time on the internet, I set out and walked around some more. Mike is really getting annoying, or rather, he is the same but I am getting sick of his weird happy chatty arrogance; I can't describe it.

The weather got a bit nicer though it's still cloudy. I went to the Dominician monastery; it was 20 kuna but hardly worth it. It was just like the Loreto or whatever it was in Prague. I then ascended that other nearby hill behind Lovrijenac (Gradac) which had a marvelous view of it, and just relaxed to the sound of the sea beating against the cliffs.


As wonderful as this was, though, could I really spend another three months doing this stuff?

I don't know. Well I do know: I want to get back to work but as soon as I do I will want to leave again, probably. And once more: what am I going to do with myself for the next 50 years or so? I mean it's been about 4 since real life began. For me it still comes back to "life is a beautiful hell." I continued walking all around the hill before coming back. I was remembering the score from Rocks and Shoals as I ambled around.

I had another bit of a refinement with the grammar-AI thing. It wasn't actually something new, but something I'd known all along. The groupings, the hierarchy, that's how the language thing works, i.e. the brain automatically groups the words and then that is how parts of speech can and can't work with each other. I mean it's restating basic linguistics, but it fits with everything else. I don't know whether it's an English-centric idea though. And I'll have to start thinking about those weird linguistics examples and complicated sentences. But anyway that should be the intermediate level between words and sentences and it's not inconsistent for the brain to automatically pull out those patterns as well.

When I came back to the hostel, I learned my new roommate (I correctly assumed he was from France right away from his accent) is very chatty and I can't concentrate, also because of the racket outside. Somehow I wasn't surprised that he is a software developer too. He did give me a whole bevy of interesting places in Montenegro though. It'd be a smart investment probably to set tourist stuff up there. But of course I have no idea how I'd do that.


Anyway so this is it for Dubrovnik. I set out for more pizza and wine. I saw most of what I wanted, I think; the rest was just indoor things that I didn't feel like paying for, because I'm not so into museums. Tomorrow will be an early day, though, and then the schedule gets unpleasantly hectic, with me staying only a day or two in a few places until I get to Sarajevo.

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